Announcement of the 3rd round Collaborative Fund Southeast Asia-Call for proposals

The Collaborative Fund for HIV Treatment Preparedness is a partnership of the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition and the Tides Centre to improve access to HIV treatment for all those who need it.

The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) is an international movement of HIV+ people and their advocates advocating for access to AIDS treatment to those who need it through increased treatment literacy for individuals and organisations and through advocacy with local, regional and international stakeholders such as governments, international and bilateral agencies, pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies, non-governmental organisations and the private sector. The Collaborative Fund began its work in Southeast Asia in 2004. The program aims to support civil society, especially people living with HIV/AIDS, to advocate for improved access to treatment and to educate people living with HIV about HIV treatment.
The Collaborative Fund is a community funding mechanism that is driven by the expertise of people living with HIV and their advocates. In each funding region of the world, Community Review Panels (CRPs) set funding priorities and determine how funds are disbursed through a peer-reviewed application process. During the first and second round, the fund supported more than 40 local NGOs, CBOs and PLHIV groups in the Southeast Asia Region.

This letter is to announce the 3rd year of grants in Southeast Asia. We are seeking submissions of proposals for community-based HIV treatments advocacy and education programs.

Funding is geographically limited to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar and Malaysia.

Any nongovernmental organization (NGO), community based organisation (CBO) and PLHIV group from these countries is invited to apply. Joint projects between organisations will also be considered.

Grants are provided for a program of up to one year with a maximum of USD 10 000 for individual organisations and up to USD 20 000 for joint applications of two organisations or more. If your organisation is less than one year old, the grant amount requested should be between USD 3000 and 5000. The amount of funds to be distributed in Southeast Asia is USD 200 000.

If you are interested in the Collaborative Fund, you will need to consider the Guide for Submission of Applications and the Proposal Form.

If these documents are not attached to this letter and you would like to receive them, e-mail Mr. Sowat at


It is envisioned that projects will start from February 2008.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Please forward this information to other organisations who work on treatments access issues.

Please contact Mr. Sowat at if you need any further information or clarifications.

Shiba Phurailatpam
South East Asia Regional Coordinator
On behalf of the South East Asia Community Review Panel of the Collaborative Fund
e-mail: <>

7 tanggapan untuk “Announcement of the 3rd round Collaborative Fund Southeast Asia-Call for proposals

  • 31 Oktober 2007 pada 10:47 am

    sangat membantu mengetahui perkembangan

  • 31 Oktober 2007 pada 1:09 pm

    Need awareeness for all Activist to used it wisely and for hummanity, not for Money, Politic and Prestige, There is many fund to HIV/AIDS Prevention has Corrupted by Goverment, organanization in fact People with hiv/aids ( PLHIV ).

  • 31 Oktober 2007 pada 4:15 pm

    yup.. kalau saja bisa dengan mudah meminta, banyak teman saya bisa kembali minum obat… arv

  • 1 November 2007 pada 8:23 am

    This is very importan information. I hope that this will come true so that it can help those young people who suffer with HIV or drug problem in Indonesia. In nowadays, most of the parents who have their children who suffer with all kind drugs with the HIV complication can’t do something to help their children because of financial support. They can’t pay for treatment because of there is no enough money. Yes they are rich before, but now most of them become poor. May this information can bring a new hope for them especially for their children who have problem with HIV and drug dependence.
    We are really need fund support for their HIV/drug treatment.
    Kunci Rehabilitation Center
    Nandan, Sariharjo – Ngaglik, Sleman
    Yogyakarta 55581
    Tlpn. (0274) 624 747

  • 4 November 2007 pada 11:13 am

    I work in NGO (Non Government Organization) for People with disabilities (PwD’s). Most of them (PwD’s) are vurnerable to attacked by HIV/AIDS and the correct information about it are needed. May I submit a proposal ? Give me a further information about the procedure, term and conditon. Thanks.

  • 13 November 2007 pada 7:07 pm

    I am Venerable. Vandong Thorn, who is Buddhist monk residing in Cambodia and working as director of LNGO in Cambodia. I have very interested with your announcement at the Website. So please let me know, how could I do with te proposal submitting for grants. Do you have the application or any guideline or not? I’m very happy to do the proposal to submite the grants fron your agency as well…
    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Vandong Thorn

    Executive Director of BSDA
    # 05, Street 07,
    Nokorbachey pagoda, Ampil
    Commune, Kampong Siem district,
    Kampong Cham province, Cambodia.
    Phone : (855) 42-39 35 36
    Mobile : (855) 12-78 89 73
    E-mail :
    Website :


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