Women’s Worlds Congress 2008 – Call For Papers



February 28th, 2008




Individual Paper


Individual 20 mins. presentation to be grouped by organizers with other 3-4 papers in thematic panels.

Book presentations also fall into this category (see below)

Panel or Round Table

Group presentation composed by 3-4 participants (including the panel chair) to be submitted as such. Each presentation should not exceed 20 mins. Total time alloted: 90 mins. The session must have a thematic heading or title

Workshop, Performance, Reading

Individual or group interactive presentation conducted by an individual author or group chair. Time alloted: 60/90 mins. The session must have a thematic heading or title


Individual or group audio-video presentation. Time alloted: 60/90 mins.


Individual or group presentation to be exhibited on panels.


Proposals may be submitted for individual presentations, entire sessions, performances, films, roundtables, workshops, conversations, or individual papers on any topic dealing with Women’s Worlds. Proposals for panels, workshops, roundtables, and conversations should include a brief description (abstract) of the session theme/ title and the proposed format. Such proposals should also include all relevant information rquested.

Program Committee members are authorized and encouraged to submit session proposals. Proposals from organizations, associations, groups, institutions, etc. are also welcome. Program Committee member proposals must adhere to the same conditions, deadlines and restrictions as other session proposals, and are subject to review by the Program Committee.


Individual Paper (“Oral”) Submission Instructions

All individual paper submitters will need the following:


– Individual Paper Title

– Paper Abstract

– Special Requests (including audio-visual equipment)

– Individual Author information including: first name, last name, affiliation, e-mail address.

Those submitting individual paper proposals will receive a confirmation e-mail that the paper has been submitted. The Program Committee will organize as many individual papers as possible into sessions. Proposals may be edited after submission until February 28, 2008.  


Book authors (creative and/or academic) will present their recently published book to an audience, together with some 2/3 other authors. When filling in the proposal, the author will write, in “Individual Paper Title” BOOK PRESENTATION, followed by the book title. Ideally, the books presented will be available at the book exhibition during the Congress. It is important, therefore, that authors encourage their publishers to have their books present in one of the book stores. Likewise, we encourage Publishers and Editors to present interesting books related to the theme of the Congress, even if their authors are not present at the venue.

Session Submission Instructions (Panels and Round Tables):

Session submitters will need the following from each session participant:

– Session Title

– Session Abstract

Special Requests (including audio-visual equipment)

– Individual Paper or Presentation Titles (For Panels)

Paper or Presentation Abstract (For Panels)

  Individual Author information including: first name, last name, affiliation, e-mail address.

The session submitter will receive a confirmation e-mail upon submission and will serve as the primary contact with panelists and MMWW’08. The session submitter will be responsible for editing paper titles and abstracts. The submitter may edit the session proposal until February 28, 2008.

Other Proposal Formats

 The Program Committee also supports alternative formats that disrupt the conventional “three people reading papers” format. The Committee is proposing, therefore, several formats different from conventional paper-reading sessions, dvided in two broad categories of formats:

 a) Sessions with Papers.

 Although these resemble conventional sessions in having a chair, presentation of papers to an audience, and commentary, papers in these sessions will not be read aloud, allowing more time for informed, informal, and engaged discussion. These sessions require an abstract. In this “talk” format, presenters will write papers, as usual, and distribute them to the chair by the deadline. But in the session they will “talk” their paper from notes, speaking directly to the audience rather than reading line-by-line. 

 Exhibit format (“Poster”). Presenters will post their materials on a large bulletin board that can accommodate text pages in large type, graphics, primary source extracts, etc.

 b) Sessions without Papers

 These include many kinds of alternative sessions: roundtables, conversations, performances, multi-media presentations, readings of creative work, workshops involving audience participation…These formats will experiment with creative forms of expression, performance and dialogue that represent a significant departure to conventional presentations of papers.

 Performative format

 Presenters will perform their work. This could include the range of artistic performing arts (dance, music, drama, spoken word, performance art) to multi-media presentations (video, film, audio, digital media) and readings of creative fiction and non-fiction.

 Dialogue format (Roundtable or Workshop format)

Presenters will engage in dialogues with each other and the audience. Possible formats could include roundtables of academics; forums with scholars, community activists; conversations between performing and/or visual artists, curators, and educators about aesthetic and expressive innovations…



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