Jakarta, Goethe Institute, 17-19 DECEMBER 2007

The 4th Southeast Asian Cinemas conference (2007) emphasizes the intersection of theory, practice, and ethics. How do we, as film scholars, position ourselves within this debate/discourse? What ethical responsibilities should filmmakers have towards their subjects of representation? Is there a role for the film scholar as public intellectual? How might we begin to approach and discuss the ethics and politics of film criticism? What might film curators take into consideration when they select and preserve films for the archive?

Each year, the conference has included film practitioners in recognition of the crucial role they have played in increasing film education and discourse in the region. We have previously provided space for independent filmmakers and screenings of their works, focused on curriculum development, the importance of film archival work, and highlighting alternative cultures of cinema. This year, the conference seeks to include workshops that bring together film activists and film critics from within the region.

The three-day conference includes film screenings and panels on:

Film Activism/ Censorship
Gender and Sexuality in Southeast Asian Cinemas
Framing Rural and Urban Spaces
Conversation with Independent Filmmakers
Mobile Cinemas: Piracy, Funding, and Festivals
Ways of Looking: Film Criticism and Intertextuality
Nation and Nationalism
Negotiating the Local and the Global
Indonesian Films: Representation and Reform
Conversation with Independent Filmmakers

Click here for the tentative full conference program.

Keynote speaker: Kim Soyoung (Korean National University of Arts)

Filmmakers & guest speakers: Pimpaka Towira (Thailand), Tan Pin Pin (Singapore), Prima Rusdi (Indonesia), Southern Tagalog Exposure (Philippines) , Anocha Suwichakornpong (Thailand), Lydia Lubon (Malaysia), Nia Dinata (Indonesia)

Goethe-Institut Jakarta
Jl. Sam Ratulangi 9-15
Jakarta Pusat 10350, Indonesia
Tel. +62 21 23550208

Registration rates:
Full Conference International Delegate US $ 100
(Europe, UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, HK)
Full Conference International Student Delegate US $ 50
Full Conference ASEAN Rate (except Singapore) US $ 60
Full Conference ASEAN Student Rate (except Singapore) US $ 30
International Day Rate US $ 50
International Day Rate Student US $ 25
ASEAN Day Rate US $ 30
ASEAN Day Rate Student US $ 15
Full Conference Indonesian Delegates Rp 550,000
Full Conference Indonesian Students Rp 225,000
Indonesian Day Rate (Full Package) Rp 200,000
Indonesian Day Rate Student (Full Package) Rp 100,000
Indonesian Day Rate (Attendance Only) Rp 100,000
Indonesian Day Rate Student (Attendance Only) Rp 50,000

Payment via Bank:
BCA KCU Gondangdia Lama
455 12 00005
Veronica Kusumaryati
Receipt and registration form to be faxed to:
+62 21 319 24 616 att: SEA CINEMAS CONFERENCE/Veronica K.

Registration Contact:
Veronica Kusuma
Mobile: +62 813 9931 5001
Email: pravdavero@gmail. com

For more information, please contact
-Veronica Kusuma (pravdavero@gmail. com)
-Intan Paramaditha (intan.paramaditha@ nyu.edu)
-Gaik Cheng Khoo (gaikcheng.khoo@ anu.edu.au)

Visit our website (http://seaconferenc e.wordpress. com/ ) and past conference archives (http://www.asianfil marchive. org/aseacc).

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